Were you let down by "web guys" before?

We were. With permission of some of our clients at Brillsome we used to outsource parts of projects to other agencies and freelancers. After few repeatedly missed deadlines, and work that wasn't delivered the way we expected it to - we came up with a solution.

Solution that will work for any small or medium business in need of a proper website.

We build websites in a day. This insures we maximise our time spent on each project, leading our client from signing the contract to maintaining their new website efficiently and successfully. Each and every time.

We bring expertise to the table.

You will get to understand that your new website is not just an online business card, but a perfect tool to help your business hit it's goals. Do you want to increase your numbers? Or maybe reach out to bigger audiences? Would you like to concentrate on selling that one particular service? Or expand?

Anything is possible, once you are clear about those exact goals, are willing to share them with us, and let us bring your vision to life... digitally.


We are passionate about creating tools as against treating web design business as a conveyer for making money. We are all about value that you, our client, get from us.

And the best part.... Once your website is built and launched, you will have just as much passion about it as we do.

Fast = Quality

While we build most of our websites within just one day, our priority is quality and clean code. We ensure that your website is fully functional and is fully optimised for any screen size available on the market nowadays.

By the end of the Build Day you will be pleased to receive something that's working so well.

Examples of websites in a day


What our clients say

Paul Clarke - MatchFit Ireland

I can wholeheartedly recommend Irina and Brillsome / to any small, medium or large client who require true expertise in the area of websites and digital strategy.

Irina’s technical knowledge is outstanding but more importantly her expertise shines through in that she can put you at ease throughout the working process regardless of your own ability or knowledge level. In the main this is because of the tidy and effective process-driven fashion in which Brillsome work.

Whilst other service providers will use the old-school methods of ‘finding out your needs’ and playing them back to you Brillsome will initiate a robust process to investigate exactly what your end result will look like and then reverse engineer back towards identifying the small yet vital details that will platform the work ahead. Irina’s style is to challenge you as a client so that you give her the most specific detail so that she can create the appropriate end-product for you.

Every stage is project-managed with expertise and there are regular check-ins for understanding and satisfaction - all along the way Irina spoke in a language that I understood with regard to web development and optimisation and so many hours were saved as a result of the neat, effective processes that were implemented along the way. The finished article was delivered on-time and exactly to spec and I am really pleased with the website.

Finally the post-launch care and attention also set Brillsome apart in a crowded and noisy marketplace. Again, I can completely recommend Irina and Brillsome if you are looking for a partner you can trust to understand you and deliver to your exact spec - feel free to contact me personally if you need more information!